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Bee Gees Magic – The Show, traces the amazing career of the Brothers Gibb.

The show features all of the greatest hits throughout the decades capturing the mood and memories of the time.

The members being Greg (Keyboards and Vocals), Michael (Vocals), and Kevin (Guitar and Vocals). In addition they have added an extra dimension by including the incredible voice of Laura Hardin.

There are several aspects which set Bee Gees Magic apart from other shows. The members recognize that the Bee Gees wrote number one hits for major artists such as Celene Dion. In fact they would very often feature those artists at their live concerts.

Laura Hardin:

With this in mind it was decided to include Ms Laura Hardin to fulfill this role. Consequently the audience will hear those wonderful songs sung by Laura, who is of international vocal standard, to say the least.

Laura doubles as a very important backing vocalist, filling out the harmonies with her strong voice. As a result the harmonies are striking in their resemblance to the original sounds of the Bee Gees (a comment often expressed by members of their audiences).

Greg Galatley:

Greg is a highly experienced multi instrumentalist, and first class vocalist, with a striking on stage resemblance to Maurice Gibb.

Greg is also highly experienced with Bee Gees Tribute productions. This particular show is his third major Bee Gees tribute.

Without a doubt Greg is one of the finest baritone harmony singers around. Greg, within the industry is extremely well respected, for good reason.

Michael Thompson:

Michael is a vocalist and musician of the highest caliber. An exceptional vocalist is required to reproduce the range and tone required for the role of Barry Gibb. Not only does Michael reach those notes with ease, he reproduces the tones of Barry Gibb quite strikingly.

Michael has worked all over the world performing the Barry Gibb part of major Bee Gees shows. By major shows, we are referencing five thousand (5000) seat stadiums. Indeed his abilities are very rare indeed, and without doubt Bee Gees Magic is extremely fortunate to count Michael as a member.

Apart from Michael’s vocal ability, he is one of the very finest drummers in Australia, and is widely recognized as such within the industry. And no – Michael doesn’t play drums in the show.

Kevin Godwin:

Kevin is a highly experienced guitarist and vocalist. Over the years Kevin has worked with many of the highest profile artists in Australia, and indeed a couple of the seriously mega names from overseas. Kevin prefers to not name the artists without their permission, which has not been sought. The combination of Greg’s live keyboard playing and Kevin’s live guitar work give the show an elevated level of excitement and energy.

Bee Gees Magic promise the following:

A highly professional, costumed show with striking harmonies and musical arrangements.

All of the Bee Gees hits, faithfully reproduced and so recognizable that audiences cannot help themselves but to get up and dance from the very beginning of the show.

Brilliant renditions of number one hits written for and recorded by other artists (Celene Dion etc).

State of the art sound and lighting equipment.

And every show so far has been a sell out, and it is clear that Bee Gees Magic will continue to fill venues.

This IS a show not to be missed!


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Bee Gees Magic - Songs Of the Bee Gees

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