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Having been with both the original line-up in the seventies and the reformed classic 70’s hits band Able Magwitch from 2006 to mid 2010, Lance (Lead Vocals/Percussion/Guitar) and David (Keyboards/Vocals), using the latest technology and song backings recorded with Brisbane based professional musician friends, have now developed an exciting new and more versatile act.

Now under the banner of ABLE 2 ROCK David and Lance will perform their two man or, with Denise Dustan (formerly with Masquerade), a three person act.

You can be sure that, with either line-up, you are in for a great night’s entertainment.

Each night’s performance consists of several “Themed” brackets which are costumed to suit (similar to Able Magwitch’s 70’s nights) covering many different genres including Disco, Classic Rock, 50’s-60’s Rock & Roll and Aussie Hits to name a few. But, where Able Magwitch were limited to just seventies songs, ABLE 2 ROCK will venture into other decades of great music from the 50’s to the 90’s and beyond.

These guys (and girl) do not just stand there like statues and warble the same old songs to the same tired old backings. With ABLE 2 ROCK the focus is on light hearted ENTERTAINMENT and AUDIENCE INTERACTION. The varied styles of music played will suit all venues and private or corporate functions.

So, if you’re looking for something a little bit different for your venue or function, don’t hesitate to contact us today either by phone or email (the contact details are listed below) or maybe visit our website. We are sure that ABLE 2 ROCK is just the act you are looking for to keep your members and guests thoroughly entertained.

About the Members:

David started on the local music scene at the age of 17, after a background of classical piano as a child. He played with a couple of local bands including the popular Paranova whose singer Judy went on to perform with Railroad Gin.  He joined Able Magwitch in 1973, his keyboards adding another level to the punchy heavy rock sound. Wanting to improve the vocal side of Magwitch David asked Lance to join.  David continued to push the envelope on the keyboards until the break up in 1980 and then did a couple of gigs with the Detonators.  Sadly, David then decided to give performing away, he had gotten married and was raising a family.  In 2005, after persistent phone calls he shook off the cobwebs, spent a lot of the kids inheritance on equipment, and came out of a long retirement to once again tickle the ivories in Able Magwitch with Lance until they both left the band to form ABLE 2 ROCK in mid 2010.
Lance’s singing career began in 1971 when he was asked to join Mackay based rock band Powerhouse which became one of the most popular bands in the Mackay area.  Lance returned to Brisbane late 1972 and joined Able Magwitch in 1975 after a few short stints with other bands.  His powerful voice helped make the band the success that it was until the end of 1980 when Able Magwitch called it a day.  After Able Magwitch folded, Lance helped form the very popular pub band Freelance, performing around the clubs and pubs of Brisbane for about two years.  He then retired for a while to raise a family and the only singing he did was in the shower.  In 1992 Lance joined the band Four On The Floor which, in 1994, evolved into one of Brisbane’s top duos Take Two which became Take Two Plus Two when Denise and sister Carol joined in 1996.  In 1998 he began working solo until joining duo The Houndogz in 2000 which became The Recyclables Duo in 2002 and The Recyclables Show Trio in 2004.  When he got the phone call in late 2005 he was only too happy to make the change to join David and help revive the magic that was Able Magwitch, leaving mid 2010 to form ABLE 2 ROCK with David. To this day Lance has a reputation as having one of the best voices in the business.

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