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Jungle Jive

Jungle Jive

“Jungle Jive” is a high energy, interactive children’s show, with an elaborate 3 dimensional jungle set.

During the “Jungle Jive” experience, the children are taken on a journey where they meet characters such as Tara the Tiger, who will teach the children her very own song and dance – The Tiger Twist.

Wally Witch Doctor, an amazing magical character who is a friend to all the animals. Wally, with his own chant and the children’s help, will appear and perform mystifying magic.

Morris the Monkey, when not bingeing on bananas, delights the children by learning how to dance to the classic movie tune Abba Dabba Honeymoon.

These three characters will be introduced throughout the show by their friends Jenny, Paul and Angie, who have performed in various childrens productions for many years.

Jungle Jive also contains an environmental messages that educates the children not to pollute our beautiful surroundings.

Jungle Jive combined with songs, dance, comedy, magic and prizes is a fantastic show.