Karaoke & Trivia Nights
Karaoke is rapidly gaining popularity and is fun and exciting entertainment for venues and functions alike.

Our Karaoke hosts combine Karaoke and Dance Music so they reach the whole audience, not just those who want to sing.

Our Karaoke hosts are are professional singers that cover ‘dead spots’ throughout the night when patrons aren’t singing. They are courteous, well dressed and use state-of-the-art systems that produce top quality sound, lighting and most importantly a fun atmosphere.

They are fully self contained with literally thousands of songs and come complete with full sound and lighting systems at no extra cost.

Provide your patrons with a full night of fun and entertainment… a night they will remember and tell their friends about.

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Club Trivia or Pub Trivia are a cost effective and profitable entertainment alternative for Clubs, Hotels, Company Functions & Fundraisers.

An easy and exciting variation to the standard Trivia show with subjects including TV Shows, Movies, Celebrities, World Figures, Sport, Politics, The Animal Kingdom, Geography, Current Events, History and much much more.

At regular intervals, players participate in Joke Contests, Tongue Twisters Competitions and other party games.

The whole focus is on the audience having “Fun” while playing Club Trivia or Pub Trivia.
* Trivia players return to your Venue EVERY week
* Trivia Players purchase meals
* Trivia Players purchase drinks
* Trivia Players play Pokies after Trivia
* Trivia Players return to your Venue Week After Week After Week

Put Simply “Club Trivia Builds Business”

· Players answer General Knowledge questions
· We cover all subjects and categories to include everyone.
· We keep the questions easy so players don’t get bored.
· Players write answers on our specially prepared answer sheets.
· We also use bonus question rounds called brain busters.
· At regular intervals, players can also participate in Joke Contests, Tongue Twister competitions, heads and tails games and other games.
· Our hosts continually rove throughout the audience to give tips and clues to keep the game moving along smoothly.

The whole focus is on the audience having fun while playing Trivia.
Click Here to get your free, no-obligation quote or call Tony on 0402 273 801.

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