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Simply Two

Presenting “SIMPLY TWO”… a classy duo comprising of Michael Whitmore and Kim Maree Hill. This exciting act is set apart from many others by featuring their extraordinary talent for vocal harmony.

As entertainers they have developed a special ability to “read the crowd” and adjust their repertoire spontaneously to suit the occasion. The emphasis is on ENTERTAINMENT… great songs performed at the right time, the right volume and with style.

“SIMPLY TWO” use the latest electronic equipment that provides an excellent “big band” sound, which is further, enhanced by the rich guitar played by Michael. With a great stage presentation, these two great entertainers cover all the bases.

Their repertoire is extensive: Sixties soul to Rock ‘n’ Roll, disco to calypso, reggae to nineties dance.


With “SIMPLY TWO” a great night is guaranteed.

“SIMPLY TWO” feature songs from the following artists: Shaggy, Mary Mary, Atomic Kitten, Bob Marley, Van Morrison, ABBA, Shania Twain, Dion, Arrow, Vanessa Amorossi, UB 40… to name just a few!