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Shane St James


Why have thousands of people willingly submitted themselves to gyrating their hips in time to the music in an hilarious impersonation of Mick Jagger?

Shane St James is a master of the power of suggestion. In fact he’s been practicing art of mass suggestion on a very wide scale for many years. And when Shane suggests…
“people comply “.

The subjects used in Shane’s show are not ‘victims’ chosen from his audiences, but “volunteers” who clamour for the chance!.

“I’m practically knocked over in the rush of people when I call for volunteers”, Shane says, “It’s such great therapy. Laughing triggers healing chemicals within our bodies. It actually exercises the internal organs when we laugh the end result is a marvelous feeling of well-being.”

Be there as members of the audience carry on in a totally uninhibited and outrageous manner! You’ll be mesmerized, paralysed, pasteurized… but can you be hypnotised?

From Success to Success – the show goes on.

Since January 1995 when he launched his own spectacular stage show, Shane has dazzled the multitudes in thousands of performances. Of special note, a great number of unique “Father and Son” engagements world wide, with his father, “The World’s Greatest Hypnotist” Martin St James.

In addition to this grueling schedule, Shane traveled to Taiwan performing to sellout Taiwanese audiences, to England , to New Zealand and also to the Edinburgh Comedy Festival in Scotland .

Shane St James’ show is presented as a full production including spectacular lighting effects and full-on professional sound, all operated by some of Australia ’s best touring production personnel. Production Manager and Lighting Operator, John Cashion says, “Shane’s show is not like anything we’d ever had to present before with the fast moving action and non-stop events right from the opening minutes of the show”.

On learning that Shane used to operate the sound effects using cassettes for his fathers show during his apprenticeship, Toni O’Neill, Shane’s sound operator said, “I don’t know how he ever kept up with the speed the sounds are required at. Today the entire show is controlled by a specially programmed computer system, and even with this high tech equipment I can’t take my eyes away from the stage for even a few seconds”.

“We guarantee you will laugh until you are doubled over helplessly clutching your stomach with one hand while wiping away tears with the other”. As Shane says, “There’s nothing funnier than seeing your friends on stage doing crazy things. That normally shy girl from the office as Madonna or even your mate the builders labourer doing a ballet dance with the local fireman. Every show is different because you can ask different volunteers every night to perform similar tasks, and every night the response is different because everyone’s imagination is individually attuned to respond in their own unique way”.

The subjects on stage every night are not “chosen” from the audience – but volunteer, and there are no shortage of people who want to be part of the show. “Every night I ask for volunteers and just about get knocked down in the rush for the stage. I like to have as many people as I can possibly fit and if I run out of stage room, don’t be surprised if I set up chairs on the floor to accommodate the volunteers”, said Shane.

Shane is aware that everyone in the audience knows someone they would like to see react on stage. Put this with the people who just want to experience Hypnosis for themselves, and you can see Shane will never run out of volunteers.

Shane St James is heading your way, and if you are looking for two hours of the funniest show you’ll ever see, two hours of action packed entertainment…then don’t miss “Australia’s Own Hypnotist” Shane St James.

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