Garry Hudson

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Garry Hudson is all about the classic hits… from the biggest artists and bands, from The Eagles to Deep Purple, from Phil Collins to Rod Stewart, Pink Floyd to ACDC – Every song in his repertoire is classic rock, delivered with the respect they deserve.The days of pub rock are alive and well with Garry Hudson.

“2016 will mark 44 years playing pubs, clubs and parties. I guess I am lucky to be able to do something I love and be able to get paid for it. From Club Med Malaysia to The Able Tasman rocking to and fro every night on the Bass Strait to some really way out parties, music has taken me all over the place and has given me lots of opportunities to meet people.

Playing OLD SKOOL rock is definitely where I like to be as far as a style of music. Big ballads from Sinatra to The Eagles – Hotel California, Pink Floyd and lots of classic Aussie rock.

Having the opportunity to share the stage with some great musos over the years has taught me to appreciate different talents, instruments and styles of music. John Rowe in particular has been a great workmate, teacher and drinking buddy on the “away gigs” (along with Trevor Coulter have been part of my music life since the early days in Bendigo 1973).

I learned one thing from Ted Mulry years ago – “don’t let your ego get bigger than your talent.”

With that in mind I have always tried to tackle the songs I can do best and not take on things that won’t work for my voice. I like to think that one lesson has been the thing that has kept me in the game for so long.

To everyone who continues to support me and to all those who have helped create my ‘life of music’ you are all very much appreciated.”

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