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Phantom Race Calls

Phantom Race Calls With Mark EvesAffectionately known as – “The Phant” – Mark Eves has been growing his business in Brisbane for over 19 years.

His passion for Race Calling came from spending time at the track with his father & while his ambition was to become a professional race caller, his colour blindness prevented him from reading the riders silks. So instead, with his larrikin personality, he turned it into an entertaining show.

From corporate functions to regular Phantom Race Call shows in pubs & clubs all over Brisbane & the Gold Coast, Mark is passionate about what he does.

He loves his customers and will help build your regular clientele.

What Is Phantom Race Calls?

Your customers get to experience placing a bet on the tote, the excitement of a phantom race called by a real Race Caller and the thrill of winning when their horse gets up!

All played with “Phantom Race Calls” play money”!

How Does It Work?

Phantom Race Calls With Mark Eves

So this is generally how its goes…

· An hour before the show is scheduled to start, customers receive $300 “Phantom Race Calls” dollars with each drink purchased over the bar.

(Play money provided by Mark).

· A total of 4 races are called during the show & customers can bet their play money as they choose.

· There is also a $2 sweep with each race & any winners receive $20 real cash.

· Each race has a field of 10 horses & customers place their bets at the tote.

· A number between 1 & 10 is selected by a random member of the audience & this number determines which horse wins.

· The race is called by Mark Eaves who is a professional Race Caller.

· If you are a winner, you receive a ticket for a free beer, wine or soft drink at the bar & also a winners cheque from PRC.

· The game works over a 4 or 6 week cycle, culminating with an auction of prizes, e.g.; bottle shop voucher, bistro or tab vouchers (provided by the venue). Customers use their winners cheques to bid at auction.

· Any losing tickets go into the draw for a prize at the end of each show.

· Each show generally goes for 11/2 to 2 hours.

Why Phantom Race Calls?

Phantom Race Calls With Mark Eves

· It’s a lot of fun & customers love it!

· It provides a point of difference between you & other venues.

· It encourages customers to your venue an hour before the show to start collecting their play money. All up including the show that’s an extra 3 hours of patronage.

· It also encourages them back each week, due to the 4 to 6 week cycles.

· It offers great value for money as an entertainment option.

· It gets your customers interacting with venue staff & each other by providing a fun and competitive atmosphere.

· It brings the fun of the track into your venue!

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