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RADIO SAIGON – The Dawn of the age of Aquarius.

A tour of duty through the era of peace, love and rock & roll!

Events between 1962 and 1975 shook the world, as we know it, the music of that era shaped it, giving voice to a generation.

Radio Saigon performs some of the best-known tunes by the greatest artists of that period. They are an exciting stage act that will leave you breathless!!!!

Radio Saigon is a melting pot of professional musicians who authentically reproduce the power and energy (albeit, with tongue firmly in cheek) of the music of the sixties and seventies.

From the poetry of Bob Dylan to the screaming guitar of Hendrix all the way to the pure vocal sounds of the Beach Boys or the Mummas and the Poppas.

Jeannie Ashurst (Vocals/Dancer)
Go Go dancing her way from San Francisco to Saigon city, Jeannie delivers all the groovy tunes. All the moves from The Supremes and Dusty Springfield as well as the powerfurl tones of Janis Joplin.

Allan Cameron (Guitarist/Vocals)
Allan is highly trained for covert missions into the forbidden territory of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Steppenwolf, Jimmy Hendrix and Santana.

Greg Richards (Bass/Vocals)
Greg has studied the mission briefs of many ‘in country ‘ bass players and so is able to deliver an authentic ‘ tour of duty ‘ into the lands of Motown, Rock and Roll, Pop and Heavy Rock.

Greg Mackay (Percussion/Vocals]
At much personal sacrifice, Greg has spent years in seclusion on top of a mountain in India with a Spiritual Teacher reaching a new plain of thought (or ingesting something), all for the benefit of Radio Saigon. From the Mummas and the Pappas, through to The Beach Boys, Greg brings authenticity to the sounds of Peace and Love.

Don Morrisson (Drums/Vocals ]
Originally cryogenically frozen in 1976 and only recently thawed out, Don is the original ‘ energizer bunny ‘ driving the band with shear energy and excitement with his swinging sixties style. HE brings real authenticity to Radio Saigon.

Radio Saigon performs all the hits including:

Sweet Home Alabama, Black Magic Woman, Paint It Black, We Gotta Get Out of This Place, Born To Be Wild, Stop In The Name Of Love, Leaving On A Jet Plane, Let It Be, Moondance, To Love Somebody, Brown Eyed Girl, My Girl, White Room, Mercedes Benz, Whole Lotta Love, Drift Away, Good Vibrations, Just 17, Revolution, Oh Darling, Nowhere To Run, Jumping Jack Flash, Layla, Ichycoo Park, California Dreaming, Jesus Is Just Alright, I’m A Believer, Daydream Believer, People Get Ready, Love Child, Twist & Shout, Run Away, Wild Thing, Wild World, Proud Mary, River Deep, Mountain High, Build me up Buttercup.

Whether you want to sit down for an exciting visual and aural experience or ‘dance the night away‘, Radio Saigon delivers one of the most unique and exciting live shows you will ever see.

Radio Saigon’s show consists not only of great music in itself, but with the quality and delivery of this very special group of musicians you are in for a very moving night that will be remembered for a long long time.

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