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Smokie is one of the most popular bands in the world today. Their massive success story has continued to flourish around the globe including Scandinavia, South Africa, Germany and even China.

Smokie is a band which has sold out tours and gained platinum records in four decades – the 70s, 80s, 90s and the present day. Smokie’s sound is a combination of hook-laden songs and distinctive but unashamedly stateside-influenced soft rock harmonies.

Their secret is their vocal blend – a rasping, emotion-drenched lead set against melodic harmonies that produces a unique, bittersweet result. Their landmark ballad of unrequited love, Living Next Door to Alice, was released in 1976 and Australia quickly embraced the song, sending it soaring up the charts.

The Smokie Revival is a full two-hour show reviving the hits of this great band from its peak popularity in the late 70s to the early 80s. For more than a decade, Smokie churned out incredible vocal hits that can still be heard on the airwaves across the globe.

Five talented musicians from Brisbane have come together to recapture the Smokie experience in all its vocal and musical glory. The show is a music journey of nostalgia guaranteed to leave audiences fulfilled with an incredible night of hits and memories.

Smokie is also renowned for covering some of their favourite artists and adding their unique harmonies to the music creating another fresh sound to an already great song. So to help you jolt the memory and get excited about this energising show, here are some songs you can expect to hear at our show.

Some of the songs you will hear at the show include…
Somethings been making me blue
I’ll meet you at midnight
Mexican girl
For a few dollars more
San Francisco bay
Take good care of my baby
It’s your life
If you think you know how to love me
Don’t play your rock n roll to me
Lay back in the arms of someone
Needles and pins
Oh Carol
Living next door to Alice
And many more …

Smokie Revival, The Talent Office

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