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The Seekers started out as a folk and gospel group that were totally unaware of the global fame and fortune that lay ahead.

Their break happened for them in 1964 after they recorded a song written by Tom Springfield called ‘I’ll Never Find Another You’. The single reached No.1 in Britain, Australia and all around the world.

The Seekers had created history as the first Australian group to crack the American charts and the UK ‘beat’ scene had been turned on its ear by these clean-cut Aussies. The Seekers were named ‘Best New Group’ at the ‘Top Of The Pops Awards’.

The Seekers’ greatest hit, ‘Georgy Girl’, made them the first Australian group to reach No.1 in the USA. It would soon be followed by several chat busting hits and consequently made them the most successful folk/pop story in the world.

THE AUSTRALIAN SEEKERS SHOW recreates the magic, the stories, the music and songs, along with nostalgic visuals of the world’s all-time favourite folk group.

Featuring: Jayne Henry superbly portraying the fabulous Judith Durham, Russell Hinton on 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Danny Withington on Double Bass and Michael Olsen on 6 String Acoustic Guitar. Together, these four immensely talented musicians convey the magical and original sounds of the Seekers to enthralled audiences everywhere.

The Australian Seekers Show

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