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A group of brilliantly talented and dedicated musicians performing together as one, to achieve a polished and sensational show that is designed to captivate and enthrall audiences from all age groups.

TRILOGY delivers a unique blend of tight and punchy Rock ‘n’ Roll, to powerful and sensitive ballads, including both classic and contemporary.

A much acclaimed Singer/Dancer/Actress, who began her career at age ten, working mainly in the television industry.

Joanne’s wide range of experience include singing as a Child Star in T.V.’s “Happy-go-Round”, dancing and singing on Countdown and numerous T.V. Variety Specials, two years acting on the Restless Years, touring New Zealand as Sandra Dee in a production of Grease, as well as performing and recording with many leading Australian Musicians.

Joanne performs “The Trilogy Show” with a magnificent vocal sound and a confident and classy professionalism.

DEBBIE HINTON – Keyboards / Vocals
A classically trained Pianist who delivers an articulate and artistic keyboard sound, enhancing the overall rich and full blend that is “Trilogy”. Debbie holds a Teacher of Music Diploma with the Trinity College of London and has taught both classical and modern styles for many years.

Debbie also has been part of several bands touring Queensland and Australia during the 80’s and 90’s.

RICK HAY – Guitar / Vocals
“Trilogy’s” Guitar Master, who is able to achieve a perfection of style from sensitive picking to screaming power chords.

Originally from A.C.T., Rick was part of several well known bands including ‘Quasar’, while also studying Musicianship and harmony construction at the Canberra Institute of Music.

Eventually moving to Queensland, Rick became part of the established music industry in the 80’s and 90’s, performing in many bands, demonstrating his talents for guitar playing, superb lead vocals and harmonies, and his abilities as a song writer.

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